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Orion Historical Society
Historic Resources
National Register of Historic Places
Indian Lake Road Bridge
M24 & Indian Lake Rd.
On the border between Orion Township and Oxford.

Lake Orion Historic District
Roughly bounded by
Elizabeth St., Hauxwell Dr., Front St. and Lapeer St.

William E. Scripps Estate
of William E. and Nina Downey Scripps
c/o Guest House
1601 Joslyn Rd,
Lake Orion, MI 48360
State Register of Historic Sites
Carpenter Rudds Mill
Kern & Clarkston Rds.
Along the Paint Creek Trail
Decker Settlement/Jesse Decker
Greeshield Rd. at Kern Rd.
Howarth School
Silver Bell Rd. & Bald Mtn. Rd.
Lake Orion Methodist Church
140 E. Flint St.
Predmore House
Broadway at Church St.
Other Resources
Baldwin Rd at Gregory Rd.
Lessiter Barn
Baldwin Rd. north of Clarkston Rd.
Porritt Barn
Friendship Park