Orion Township, Michigan

The Orion Historical Society, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 1994 as a community organization dedicated to the preservation of Orion’s legacy.  Since the first organizational meeting early in 1994, dedicated members have worked hard at increasing awareness of our community’s unique architectural and historical resources.  As a result of their hard work, more people have come to understand that preservation can mean a more solid future for the community.  A sense of continuity grounded in buildings and places that have a significant place in our communal history contributes to our sense of well-being and connection to our neighbors.  Connection in turn gives rise to informed and well-rounded decision-making about the future. 

The members and friends of the Society continue to embody its mission statement – “…to involve people to actively participate in the growth and vitality of the Orion community through preservation activities and education about Orion’s legacy.”

Want to make a difference and preserve local history?